New Paths

Local labyrinth

Local labyrinth

A couple of years ago I heard about there being a labyrinth at a local church.  Mostly I’ve forgotten about it altogether but when it has come to mind it’s one of those I-should-check-that-out-sometime moments.  So having some time to myself over the weekend I finally went to check it out.

After a quick internet search I discovered it was only a few blocks from my house.  So I grabbed my camera and a water bottle, turned on my ipod, hopped on my bike, and headed over.  To my surprise the labyrinth was behind a church that, while I’ve passed by it before, never noticed.  It’s funny what one can pass by for so long and never see.

The labyrinth sits next to a lovely community garden full of herbs, flowers, and vegetables and follows (I think) this traditional pattern:


Local community garden

Local community garden

I enjoyed walking the labyrinth’s circular stone path and meandering around the garden beds.  After my leisurely visit I took off on a short pedaling adventure around the neighborhood.  Lately during my walks and bike rides I’ve been making an effort to go different routes and see new streets and points of interest around town.  As someone who is naturally quite organized and efficient, mapping out the most direct paths from point A to point B, it is a good practice for me to simply veer off here and there and zigzag around.  Actually, it was very good to simply walk the labyrinth for that very same reason!  There were, after all, times while walking the swirling path where I smiled and chuckled to myself because I wasn’t so sure that I was being led the right way to the center (which is a fairly ridiculous notion given that, unlike a maze, one can simply step over the stones anytime and get out of it in the unlikely event that it was somehow built caddywhompus and led nowhere).

So after the labyrinth I biked down streets I wasn’t very familiar with and enjoyed not always knowing where exactly I was (just like in the labyrinth!) – it was very freeing :)

Local labyrinth

Local labyrinth

2 thoughts on “New Paths

  1. I’ve dedicated the last few months of dog walking to finding a different path to take each time, a task that isn’t necessarily easy when my dog, at his age and size, can only travel so far from our home. But, it’s amazing the new things I’ve experience with this focus. New people I’ve chatted with, some gardens I hadn’t previously seen bursting with flowers and vegetables, a ninja turtle basketball hoop and board that made me chuckle, a few new furry faces that both my dog and I appreciated. It’s been both freeing and rather exciting in one of the most simplistic ways, so I can really relate to your post. Thanks for sharing your experience and your photos! I’ll have to go check the labyrinth out!

  2. Thanks for posting about your experience my friend :) Just today I went a new route to the mindfulness center and I got to see something very unexpected – a pet pig rummaging in a fenced yard!! It was super great!

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