Our Thoughts = Our World


With our thoughts we make the world.  I find this deep revelation and teaching to be at the root of transformation.  For transformation to be possible we need to be able to see how the direction of each moment is up to us and for that to happen we need to come into relationship with how we think.

Many of the struggles we face can be traced back to how we think.  The large stumbling block we tend to face, however, is that we either don’t fully understand this fact or we don’t really believe it to be true.  Ever notice how people who complain or are the pessimistic/worrying type often tend to have “bad luck?”  When we think the world is out to get us, that people are against us, and that life is generally crappy we create the conditions to bring this all to fruition.  When we think other people, places, and things are responsible for our state of well being, or lack thereof, we will continue to suffer.  The more we place blame outside of ourselves the more we run into people and situations that strengthen our case for further cynicism.  What we look for so shall we find.

I’m one of those parents who responds (half jokingly and half not jokingly) to my step-son when he says he can’t do something by saying, “Well not with that attitude mister.”  And it’s true!  If we think we can’t do something we probably can’t.  But often not for the reason we like to believe.

A happy person is not happy because everything’s perfect, they’re happy because they know how to shift their thinking in order to enjoy the unfolding of the present moment and offer gratitude for the precious gift of life.

With our thinking we make the world – it is wise not to skim over, underestimate, or ignore this teaching.  Our minds hold great power.  In the words of one of my favorite musicians, Ani Difranco: “Every tool is a weapon if you hold it right.”

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