Stop Complaining, Start Gratituding!


There is a high propensity for complaining in this modernized world.  There is also a much greater chance of hearing something generally negative from someone versus something positive.  Change can often be a lengthy and difficult process but in this case I think it can be very quick and easy: Stop complaining and start gratituding!

Ok, sure, gratituding is not a real word and in fact is one I just made up but I think you get my meaning.  It’s the opposite action to that of complaining.  Our habit energy of complaining and being negative might be very strong so in order to transform ourselves into gratituders we have to start looking at life differently.  This may sound difficult but really what it entails is letting go of our expectations of how we think things should be – and embrace what is!  It’s actually very simple to do.  Along the same lines of complaining and being negative we also have a tendency to make things more complicated than they really are (and more serious too!).

In order to become a gratituder we need to shift our gaze and widen our perspective.  We need to practice flowing with life instead of trying to swim against it.  We like to think we have a vast amount of control over people, places, and things but, despite our best plans, wishes, and expectations, we don’t.  We don’t have any control over anyone, anyplace, or anything else.  What we do have control over is our own choices, our own attitude, our own way of engaging with the world that is unfolding around us.  We can choose to see all of the many many conditions for happiness and gratitude that exist around us or we can choose not to.

It can be easy to think, “Yeah, yeah, that’s all well and good but MY situation is different.  My life really IS crappy because of _________(insert answer here).”  I’m sorry to perhaps burst a collectively created bubble but…no, your situation is not unique and no, your life is not as crappy as you think.  With our thoughts we make the world – and many of us, unfortunately, make a fairly miserable world to live in.

We all have the potential to become a gratituder.  We all have the seed of gratitude within us.  Let us embrace our inherit wisdom and be diligent in the practice of cultivating gratitude everyday.  When we strengthen this seed within us we will discover an innate ability to embrace life just as it, difficult people, uncomfortable situations, health challenges and all!  And the more we’re able to embrace life the more joyful, light, free, and content we become :)



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