Deer Park, Day Twenty

28 Feb
Vietnamese New Year's Eve (TET), big meditation hall

Vietnamese New Year’s Eve (TET), big meditation hall

Deer Park, Day Twenty  

(written on Thursday January 30th)


I just woke up from a long nap in preparation for staying up late tonight.  In half an hour there will be a special video dharma talk from Thay recorded earlier today from Plum Village for TET.  We will be away from our hamlet for the rest of the afternoon and evening but I didn’t want to miss a day of writing.

Alter in the big hall on New Year's Eve

Alter in the big hall on New Year’s Eve

This morning I got up around 4:30am and headed to the dining hall for some study time, as I like to call it.  I’ve been reading Thay’s book The Heart of the Buddha’s Teaching mostly in the mornings and taking notes.  I’m reading to learn and not for simply pleasure so I call it studying.  The book has been very enjoyable.  I think I may have read it many years ago as well.

Chinese dragon getting ready to dance

Chinese dragon getting ready to dance

I did some sitting in the small hall for about 45 minutes before breakfast.  Some of the windows had been left open over night and it was quite cold.  I went for a short walk down the road and wrote:

When I’m walking in the woods on a narrow trail

My attention is downwards on my footsteps

To traverse rocks, roots, and uneven ground


When I’m walking on a paved road

My eyes look up to see my surroundings

The trees, sky, and flowers

My ears open to hear the birds and my breathing


For working meditation I did almost two hours of sweeping around the dining hall and up the road to Thay’s hut.  I studied a little more before eating lunch and then took my nap.  And now I am off to enjoy the festivities of New Year’s Eve :)

The brothers singing a song on New Year's Eve

The brothers prepare to sing a song on New Year’s Eve

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