Is This Serving Me Well?


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the state of human conditioning and how to whittle it all down to a few basic root teachings and practices that speak to me.  In my experience a highly beneficial practice is to regularly and continually ask ourselves the question, “Is this serving me well?”

Over time this question will begin to turn on the light of our inner workings and transform that which is done by unconscious reaction to one of conscious response.  Reactions are automatic, learned habits and tendencies whereas responses entail connection, engagement, and awareness.

Generally speaking the human condition (at least in the west) involves operating much of the time in the dark –  on auto pilot.  We spend a lot of time wrapped up in the past or the future.  We spend a lot of time complaining, worrying, being stressed out, and looking at the world through a lens of negativity.  To start asking ourselves, “Is this serving me well?” is to move in the direction of changing these unskillful patterns towards the light of understanding and transformation.  When we simply ask ourselves this question we are already growing and strengthening our practice of mindfulness regardless of whether we know how to put into action a different response or not.

We get the life we create.

Let us check in with ourselves often, everyday:

Am I happy right here in this moment?  If the answer is no, why not?

What am I doing to contribute (positively or negatively) to my situation in the here and now?

Is what I am doing serving me well?

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