Rainbow Gathering, Day 4


My bamboo hat woven with wildflowers at the peace circle

My bamboo hat woven with wildflowers at the peace circle


This is part 4 of 4 – to start from the beginning please go to Rainbow Gathering, Day 1.

My husband, step-son, and I just returned home from the rainbow gathering in the Big Hole Valley area of south western Montana.  I wrote most everyday while we were gone and thought I’d share our adventure.


Peace Circle, July 4th

Peace Circle, July 4th


Written on July 5th:

Yesterday was the big peace circle in the main meadow (the apex of the gathering).  After a morning of silence (which most people engaged in) we gathered holding hands, a huge circle up into the hills and trees with a few concentric circles in the middle where the om circle was.  The silence was broken by the kids parade around noon with cheering, shouting, and celebrating which then gave way to drumming, dancing, merriment, and laughter.

Peace Circle, July 4th

Peace Circle, July 4th


It was quite powerful to see thousands of brothers and sisters holding hands, smiling, holding silence, gathering for peace and unity.

The gathering, like life, is what you make of it and we all had a great time exploring, camping, making friends, spending time in the woods, being with our greater family, and enjoying the rich diversity and warm community atmosphere that is woven into every thread of the gathering.

Welcome home!



We are many hands strong

coming together for brotherhood and sisterhood

We are all ages, all faiths, all backgrounds

standing lightly upon the earth where many others before us have stood

From the greening sage field through the lodgepole pine forest

spreading out from the western shores of the pacific

to the eastern shores of the atlantic

From above and from below

We are a community of diverse threads and many talents

We are made of earth, sun, water, and air

We are a family – the gathering of a rainbow







2 thoughts on “Rainbow Gathering, Day 4

  1. I have a beautiful memory from a rainy Idaho gathering 30 years ago. It was pouring most of the week. On the fourth the rain stopped and during the peace circle the clouds opened up and an incredible rainbow manifest. Your posts connected me from then to now, thanks.

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