Retreat Poems


I wrote these short poem type writings while on our local spring retreat last weekend:

I see my light shining

like rays of spring sun bouncing off the mountain lake

into the gentle eyes of children and once children –

With stomach rising and falling

just as the sun and moon rise and fall each day

just as the breeze rises and falls by the water’s edge

and up over the distance rocky peaks

I settle into this precious moment

as if it were the only moment there is

because it is


Rough cut exposed wooden beams hang over my bed

showcasing a spider web or two or three

A bare bulb screwed into its fixture

illuminates my room in unfiltered, unflattering light

A bulky water heater nestles into the corner

(gurgling around 2:30am each morning)

To become attached to form is foolish

to become attached to form is to suffer

to let go is freedom

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