Daily Practice – Day 11


Day 11 – Once again I opted to lay down for my six minutes of meditation instead of sitting.  I’ve been enjoying my daily practice and am finding it beneficial in regards to my relationship with myself – I feel more at ease even in the midst of stressful happenings and am more confident in my ability to meet the present moment on its own terms rather than my own expectations of how things should be, even when it’s challenging.  I’m also finding that I am becoming more motivated and skilled at not getting caught and stuck in my unskillful thought patterns and habit energies.  Of course there are other things at play here as well other than my daily sitting practice but I see clearly that it is of great support and benefit and for that I am grateful.  After my sitting I read the Discourse on the Eight Realizations of the Great Beings, which are as follows:

“The First Realization is the awareness that the world is impermanent…The Second Realization is the awareness that more desire brings more suffering…The Third Realization is the awareness that the human mind is always searching outside itself and never feels fulfilled…The Fourth Realization is the awareness that indolence (laziness) is an obstacle to practice…The Fifth Realization is the awareness that ignorance is the cause of the endless round of birth and death…The Sixth Realization is the awareness that poverty creates hatred and anger, which creates a vicious cycle of negative thoughts and actions…The Seventh Realization is the awareness that the five categories of sensual desire – money, sex, fame, overeating and oversleeping – lead to problems…The Eighth Realization is the awareness that the fire of birth and death is raging,  causing endless suffering everywhere…”

Buddhist-inspirationIn all but the Sixth Realization I see the same root which leads to the sufferings mentioned in the discourse: illusion.  Having false impressions about ourselves, other people and the world colors everything we do in body, speech and mind.  If we were able to see life clearly, unimpeded by the vast and varying array of our misperceptions, there would be no more suffering to be created.  Not only do we exist almost entirely in the realm of illusions but we cling desperately to them and don’t realize it.  We think, in fact we KNOW, that our thoughts are right, our way is right, our view is right, our perceptions are right.  When in reality our limited perspective about any given subject, person or experience is just that – very very limited, incomplete, oftentimes incorrect and bound up in our self-absorbed nature (a sea of illusion).

All of our suffering is self-manifested.  How we relate to life’s experiences and with what approach is how our world unfolds.  When we enjoy creating drama, which many of us do (and don’t know it), drama will manifest.  When we wallow in our physical ailments then a miserable life will ensue and our pain levels will only persist and increase.  When we victimize ourselves and blame others for our troubles and sorrow we live a life of anger and isolation.  When we are overly sensitive or take things too personally or seriously our comfort zone shrinks to the size of a tennis ball and everything and everyone has the potential to throw us off balance.  When we are unable to take responsibility for our own experiences in life we continue our path of suffering – generously watering the seeds of illusion as we tread.

How we view the world is how we live in it.  How we view ourselves in relationship to the present moment is the difference between whether we experience more joy and ease or more pain and suffering.

2 thoughts on “Daily Practice – Day 11

  1. Lay down the body; lay down the thoughts: let these illusions dissolve, and be an opened blossom. Then the bee of being comes, pollinating …

    Even poverty is an illusion.

    • I like the analogy of the bee of being and pollinating :) I can picture a field of flowers and a bright, fuzzy bee buzzing around under the blue expanse of a spring sky painted over the mountains and valleys of Montana.

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