Daily Practice – Day 10


Today’s hike to Jerry Johnson’s Hot Springs in Idaho

Day 10 – This morning I awoke a few minutes before my alarm was to go off.  Knowing I would have a full day of plans I made the quick decision to simply sit up and do my 6 minutes of meditation before my alarm was to sound.  Without a trip to the bathroom, sleepy eyed and all I met the morning straight away by practicing meditation.  I know myself well enough not to delay my sitting until the evening when I can be quick to lay down and rest for the remainder of the night at early hour.

My 13-year old step-son is on spring break this week and so today after breakfast he and I and a young friend of ours took a trip to Jerry Johnson’s (JJ’s) Hot Springs in Idahdo, about an hour and a half from where we live in Montana.  It is one of my very most favorite places to go.  After a wooded 1.5 mile hike beside the Lochsa River a few natural hot pools encircled by rocks sit beautifully in the earth.  Since moving here in 1998 I have frequented JJ’s many dozens of times throughout all four seasons and every time I go I see clearly that I am watering seeds of healing, joy, ease and connection with every hike and soak.

Today at Jerry Johnson's Hot Springs

Today at Jerry Johnson’s Hot Springs

Things I noticed or thought about today in the woods:

Cultivating my relationship with the present moment comes effortlessly in the forest

Nature nourishes the widening of my self/world perspective

Getting in touch with the earth, water and air elements helps to ground my thoughts and emotions

Our growing up young people have difficulty knowing what to do with themselves without a computer or cell phone in arm’s reach

Food tastes better when you eat next to a sun drenched river

I often take for granted what I am afforded in life

Beauty doesn’t just exist in certain pockets when the conditions are right, beauty is inherit to life in all things

Connecting with the natural land helps me to connect with myself


A cairn I made next to the Lochsa River

Breathing in I feel the sun shining through me

Breathing out I feel the river flowing all around me

Breathing in I take refuge in mother earth

Breathing out I smile

My pocket buddha sitting on highway 12 in Idaho

My pocket buddha sitting on highway 12 in Idaho

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