Daily Practice – Day 5

28 Mar


Day 5 – This morning I forgot to sit.  I was sitting in my car in front of my son’s school at 11:30 waiting to pick him up from his half-day at school and suddenly remembered that I had forgotten to sit.  Not knowing if I would have time later in the day to sit I flipped off my shoes and crossed my legs in half-lotus in the drivers seat to practice a few minutes of meditation.  The support of the car’s seat and the bright sun shining in through the windows felt wonderful.  I managed to get in about 4 minutes of sitting before the school bell sounded calling me out of my meditation.

My son and I spent the rest of the day watching two little kids for some friends of ours who are 2 and 5 years old.  After blowing bubbles outside in a soft rain, playing hide-and-seek, running around the house with foam swords, and reading books we returned home with burritos from Taco Del Sol for dinner and then I wound up with a little bit of time on my hands.  We have a small house, under 600 square feet.  With 2 adults, a teenager and 2 cats we get pretty creative with the utilization of space.  So while my son played on the computer in our bedroom I found an online meditation timer to use and sat on the kitchen floor for my 6 minutes of meditation.

In our bedroom sits one of the most wonderful things we ever spent money on.  It’s an alarm clock that doubles as a meditation timer.  In the beginning I was mainly interested in an alarm clock that when sounded didn’t startle me awake with some loud, stressful beeping or other obnoxious noise.  For a while my husband would use his cell phone as his alarm and every morning when it went off I would be immediately annoyed by its awful   ringing.  I hated waking up to it every morning.  But a few years ago we got this clock and it has made such a wonderful difference in my morning routine.  The alarm has sound level adjustment, which alters the piston that comes out to tap the brass bowl, and is progressive.  So at first it sounds only one bell and then in about 5 minutes it sounds another bell and then in 3 minutes another and so on until eventually the bell simply keeps ringing over and over until you turn it off.  I just love the gentleness of its approach and its simple beauty.

My alarm clock/meditation timer

My alarm clock/meditation timer

I didn’t read through any of the discourses today or chants.  But I sat and that’s what’s important.  Whether it’s on the front seat of my subaru or the kitchen floor meditation is meditation and I am happy to not always be hung up on formality when it comes to the conditions for sitting.  I don’t need a special timer or cushion or my alter to practice.  I can practice right here, wherever I am.


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