Living It Up

It is my viewpoint that there are basic components to well being.  Nutrition, movement and deep breathing are the basic elements for creating physical well being – and drinking lots of water too!  Cultivating compassion, understanding, joy, community, self-awareness, worldly awareness and flowing along with life instead of against it are the basic elements for creating mental, emotional and spiritual well being.  There are many ways to put into motion these basic ingredients to living a well balanced lifestyle.  We need to find what works for us and what doesn’t.  There is no one prescription for everyone to follow.


We would all do well to practice looking deeply into the simple truth that we are all the same and we are all different.  We are not only the same, we are not only different, we are BOTH the same AND different.  Just as the in breath cannot exist without the out breath we cannot all be the same without all being different.  The two are not separate, they go together.

It is my sense that this is a hard notion to understand.  Let us picture a forest.  When we enter into a forest, surrounded by vegetation and greenery, it can be very easy to think that every tree looks the same.  Perhaps we might even find ourselves getting lost amongst the trees with the idea that since everything looks like everything else we will never find our way out and just keep circling around and around.  But if we take the time to slow down and look more closely at the trees we will see they are each very different.  While they share the same basic conditions for survival: sunlight, air, earth and water, and even look very similar to one another they are each an individual entity.  We are much the same way.

We all exist in the forest of humanity sharing feelings, emotions, thoughts, concerns and have the same basic needs of food, water, shelter and love.  We share a common root system and are fed by the same sun and earth.  And we are all different as well.  My happiness will look different from your happiness, and that’s not only OK, it’s how it was meant to be!  Our differences are what make our environment rich, diverse and absolutely, unfathomably beautiful beyond measure.

Let us embrace ourselves, right here in this moment, both equally for how we are unique and how we are the same.

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