Meditation Flash Mob!

The Be Here Now Sangha celebrated our 10 year anniversary on Saturday with a meditation flash mob and picnic potluck at Greenough Park in Missoula, MT.  What is a meditation flash mob?  It’s a large gathering of people in a public place for the purpose of engaging in a coordinated, unexpected meditation sitting where everyone is invited to join with their deepest intention for themselves, their community and the planet (from the website).  I thought engaging in meditation with the community would be a wonderful way to connect with Missoula and have the fruits of the practice ripple outwards.

We wound up with a nice turnout of about 20-25 folks who showed up to sit in meditation at the farmer’s market in downtown Missoula.  We were in the public eye but not in the way so the spot we found was perfect.  From 11:15-11:45am we sat in silent meditation underneath a covered train platform (no longer in use) behind rows of local, beautiful produce.  I found that the outside chatter greatly reduced my inside chatter and I was able to focus on my breath quite well.  I heard from others as well who commented on how good of a sitting it was for them too.  Towards the end of our meditation a long freight train click clacked closely behind us which was a bell of mindfulness for me, calling me to return to my smile.  We had people of all ages which was wonderful and we closed our sitting with some bells and a standing circle where we joined hands and took a few breaths together before departing.

Medmob Downtown

Afterwards we went to a local park for a picnic potluck where about 20 of us (some the same and some different than those that came to the medmob) came together for food, music, games, community and cake!

Be Here Now is 10 Years Old :)

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