Day 23: We have Arrived We are Home!

Thay’s Calligraphy

(written on June 23rd, 2012)

Taking off an hour late from Paris sent us into a mad dash through the Toronto airport in a an effort to make our connecting flight to Denver.  We went from being sedentary for 8 hours flying over the ocean to running like the wind through the airport to customs where we had to retrieve our bags, go through customs, hand our bags back over and find our gate for departure.  After mentally preparing ourselves for the simple truth that we weren’t going to make our flight our plane was delayed due to so many passengers arriving late.

The 3 hour jaunt to Denver ended with a rough landing that left us dizzy and nauseous as we wearily entered the Denver airport for a 5 hour layover.  We immediately found a place to sit on the floor to rest and get our land legs back under us.  Our heads were spinning from the descent and lack of food in our system and we were in the beginning stages of delirium from lack of sleep but we were putting effort into keeping our spirits high.  A short trip up the escalator led us to a refreshingly and oddly vacant open, large area where I laid down while Mike went to get us some dinner at Panda Express.  After we ate we felt a lot better.

Our comedic stylings illustrating how we were feeling on the last leg of the journey back home in the Denver airport

On the two hour flight to Missoula we made a concerned effort to catch a nap so that we would be somewhat presentable and coherent when we arrived home to meet my mom and step-dad at the airport.  We touched down in Missoula around 11:45pm and were greeted at the gate by a wonderful surprise.  My best friend Jennifer and her beau Scott were sitting in meditation postures on the floor smiling and waiting for us.  They had decided on a whim to come to the airport and welcome us home.

My mom and step-dad arrived in their winnebago and after we grabbed our backpacks from the rotating baggage carousel we went home where we found a welcome home sign in the style of the french flag on our front door, a large eiffel tower helium balloon tied to one of our kitchen chairs, and a note letting us know that our sweet, dear friends (Jennifer, Amy and Rhonda) had divided up work and mowed our lawn, cleaned the house, and bought some groceries for us.  I was overwhelmed by their generosity, thoughtfulness and hard, loving work.  It was such a wonderful gift to come home to!

A picture I took and emailed to Amy, Rhonda & Jennifer for doing so much hard work around the house 

I had a rather fitful night’s sleep but after a little while I did get some much needed rest.  It was about a 24 hour journey from Paris to Missoula.  We really didn’t experience any jet lag going to Paris since we had a nice overnight flight across the Atlantic but coming home is a horse of another color.  We left Paris on Friday at 11:00am and arrived in Missoula at 11:45pm on the same day, although 24 hours had passed.  Time is a strange phenomena sometimes.

We’re home, with our 2 fuzzy cats, freshly mowed lawn, and queen mattress where we can sleep side by side readjusting to the 8 hour time difference between here and France and processing our journey to Plum Village.

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