Day 9

03 Jul

Public phone in Lower Hamlet

(written on June 9th, 2012)

It’s almost 10:30pm and Mike just left back to upper hamlet. He has not been sleeping well, I hope he can get some rest tonight.  We called my step-son Jaden after dinner, his last day of 6th grade was yesterday and tomorrow he leaves for 10 days in Mexico with his mom.  I called my mom too.

My back has been hurting a lot the last few days, only when I lie down does it relent.  But it has been OK too.  OK that it is hurting.  Sometimes back pain happens.  We sat in the front row for the dharma talk today, I had to get there an hour early for such a prime location.

The following are some notes I took during Thay’s dharma talk on June 9th:

“Mindfulness is a kind of energy.  Concentration is a kind of energy and insight is too.  With these we can transform the world.  

We are taking care of ourselves by observing our breath and our steps, and we are taking care of others around.  You need brotherhood and sisterhood to transform your community and the planet.  Technology is not enough.  With mindfulness, concentration and insight we can build brotherhood and sisterhood. 

(We need to) throw away four kinds of notions in order to understand reality: self, man, living beings and life span.  Someone still caught in the four notions is not yet free.  The two kinds of truth are ultimate and conventional.  In conventional truth you see you are separate from him or her, you see birth and death.  You have to abandon this type of truth, leave them behind, in order to go deeper.  

Happiness and suffering are together always, like left and right.  The purpose of the practice is to produce joy and peace, we need to practice in order to create happiness.  Happiness is impermanent so we keep practicing.”

After an OI lunch, Sister Chan Khong led a deep relaxation through which I slept.  Mike and I spent a lot of time together today which was nice since I did not see him yesterday.  I feel badly he has such a long way to walk to get here but he assures me he doesn’t mind.

A highlight today was a delicious cup of fresh lavender/sage/lemon balm tea.  It has sparked in me a want to start an herb garden.

Lower Hamlet Dharma Hall


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